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Praise for the Spirit of Texas Rally Continues to Pour In

From: Mary Ann Raesener []
Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2012 4:42 PM
To: ‘Michael Steenbergen’; ‘Guy Stuart’;
Subject: RE: Spirit of Texas: Draft of Post Event Press Release

Excellent job, Michael!  Although you may have expected a larger crowd, those of us who have been trying to keep the Democrats “alive” in Burnet County were delighted with the turn-out.  You and Shirley did a fabulous job of getting important candidates to come to Johnson Park to speak directly to us.  Each vote counts!  And now we have further expanded our list of persons who are interested in participating!  Way to go!!!

I ended up with the original of the Doggett letter – should it go into the HLDW scrapbook or the BCD/CEC files?

Linda Chavez Thompson speaks May 19th at Johnson Park in Marble Falls, Texas.


Marble Falls, Texas 5/22/2012 10:32 AM


Ms Chavez-Thompson emphasized how important it is to turn out the local Democratic Party vote, and how disassociated the Republican elite are from the regular citizen.  She opened the Spirit of Texas Democratic Party Rally with a letter* from US Rep. Lloyd Doggett condemning ‘Perrymandering’, and complimenting his friends and fellow Democrats in the Texas Hill Country for demonstrating cross district unity.  Ms Chavez-Thompson pointed out that with the Citizens United Supreme Court decision affecting politics, the everyday family needs to make the sacrifice and contribute to local candidates.  She added “this is the only way to offset the ‘money = vote’ and ‘corporation = person’ court decision.”


Jim Riley from San Angelo was the second keynote speaker and official Guest Host of the Event.  Riley is running for US Congress, 11th District of Texas.  Jim Riley crossed District lines to speak to the Burnet County Democrats and Highland Lakes Democratic Women’s groups, demonstrating Democratic Party unity in Texas.  He also spoke in Llano before the rally in the park, and concluded the long day with a Dinner for supporters at the Badu House, back in Llano.


Ten speakers officially addressed the intimate gathering of around fifty Democratic Party members, friends and supporters, including many of the candidate names on the current ballot for the Burnet County Democratic Party Primary.  Guy Stuart, Chair of the Burnet County Democratic Party acted as the local Host of the Event, sharing the role of Master of Ceremonies with Hostess Mary Ann Raesener, Secretary of the Highland Lakes Democratic Women, and newly elected Meadowlakes City Council member.


List of Speakers:

Linda Chavez-Thompson, former Democratic Party candidate for Texas Lieutenant Gov and nationally recognized labor leader

Jim Riley, candidate for US Congress, 11th District of Texas

Elaine Henderson, candidate for US Congress, 25th District of Texas

Candace Duval, candidate for US Congress, 21st District of Texas

Diane Henson, candidate for Justice, Texas Third Court of Appeals, Place Six.

Keith Hampton, candidate for Justice, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Karen Watkins, candidate for Justice, Texas Third Court of Appeals

Andy Hathcock, candidate for Justice, Texas Third Court of Appeals


David Von Os, representing Rachel Von Os, candidate for Texas Democratic Party Chair

Georges Banks, Honored Viet Nam Veteran, representing US Armed Service Veterans


In attendance, demonstrating support for the event,  also were Judge Gilberto Hinojosa, from South Texas, candidate for Texas Democratic Party Chair and Bryan Case,  Travis County Director of the Appellate Division in the District Attorney’s office and candidate for Justice, Texas Third Court of Appeals.




Michael Steenbergen, Communications Committee, Burnet County Democratic Party and Event Director, Spirit of Texas Democratic Party Rally

2208 Belaire Dr

Granite Shoals, Texas 78654



Guy Stuart, Chair of the Burnet County Democratic Party and Host, Spirit of Texas Democratic Party Rally

P O Box 1145
Burnet, Texas 78611



Mary Ann Raesener, Secretary of the Highland Lakes Democratic Women and Hostess, Spirit of Texas Democratic Party Rally

(Contact information available through Michael Steenbergen or Guy Stuart)


*Digital Copy of Rep. Lloyd Doggett’s letter opening the rally


Doug Molof, Doggett Re-election Campaign

1713 E 7th St

Austin, TX 78702





Michael Steenbergen and Jim Riley Stage Spirit of Texas Democratic Party Rally

For months, Congressional candidate Jim Riley and his webmaster, Michael Steenbergen have made plans to energize the Democratic Party in the Texas Hill Country.  Since Republican Party illegal “Perrymandering” has divided their joint efforts with new electoral Districts, they have doubled their co-operation to offset and neutralize the opposition party strategy.  Here they are Saturday the 19th as they start the Spirit of Texas Rally.


Saturday 2:30pm – Spirit of Texas Democratic Party Rally and Picnic

Ads are running, press releases released, t-shirts are printing and I pick up the sound system for the event at 6:30 PM tonight.

Sorry the posts have gotten more scarce.  There is a lot of ground work for an event like this.

Democratic Leader Linda Chavez-Thompson: “Vamos Tejas!”

Linda Chavez-Thompson and Sporot of Texas

Texas Democrat Linda Chavez-Thompson to Keynote Spirit of Texas Democratic Party Rally and Voter Registration Picnic

Marble Falls, Texas – May 15, 2012 12:26 PM – Democratic Party members across Texas get first quote from Congressman Lloyd Doggett’s letter opening the First Annual Spirit of Texas Democratic Party Rally and Picnic in Marble Falls Texas. Democratic leader Linda Chavez-Thompson will read Rep. Doggett’s letter Saturday May 19th at the event which begins at 2:30 PM. In the letter of welcome, Congressman Doggett calls on his friends and constituents from across all Texas Districts to unify and “turn the Hills of Texas bluer than bluebonnets in spring!” Event web site is at


Contact for Confidential Campaign and Committee Sources:
Michael Steenbergen
Communications and Entertainment Committee
Burnet County Democratic Party

Obama Campaign of Texas Calls and Offers Literature to Spirit of Texas

The Obama Biden campaign of Texas contacted event Director Michael Steenbergen just now for a shipping address to send materials for support of the President and his re-election.

Jim Riley for Congress Dinner Ads Hit the Papers

Jim Riley for Congress

Democratic Party Candidate for Congress

Jim Riley crosses districts to ignore Republican Party gerrymandering in Texas.   His constituents matter much more to him than some politically motivated game of constantly changing the rules to stay in power.  It is time the Democratic Party showed its true strength is the message Jim brings to the Texas Hill Country.

From Facebook:

Michael Steenbergen in his regular life as a political activist designed and donated the following ad for the Jim Riley for Congress Campaign this afternoon.  All Democratic Party members in Central Texas need to read Jim Riley’s ad and support his fundraising dinner in Llano Texas this Saturday evening.  Jim is crossing Districts to perform as Guest Host of a Democratic Party Rally in his neighboring Texas US District 25.  Even though opposition party illegal election maps forced Riley into and then out of the Marble Falls Congressional District Steenbergen, points out that ever since the Supreme Court interfered he has never seen such active Democratic Party unity, and believes he has seen the sleeping giant awakened.  People and County Executive Committees are ignoring the Court forced lines and unifying in cross County rallies that deal with the real issues that face citizens.  That there be more ‘governing’ than ‘political divisiveness’ is the lesson being taught here by a new generation of Democratic Party members.  The opposition party extremism is bad for this country and Jim Riley will tell you about the problem, and he will propose solutions.  Eat dinner with Jim Riley in Llano Texas at the Badu Restaurant at 7 PM May 19th.  This follows the Democratic Party Rally and Picnic that starts at 2:30 PM in Marble Falls at Johnson Park.

Burnet County Democrats Show Presence Through Ladies’ Club

Highland Lakes Democratic Women sponsor booth at Market Days

The Burnet County Democratic Party in the Texas Highland Lakes area continued its formally adopted motto of “Be proud.  Be loud.  Be Democrat!” as the Highland Lakes Democratic Women sponsored an information booth at another fun day in downtown Marble Falls, Texas.  Again, the smiles say it all!!!  Shown above running the booth is Highland Lakes Democratic Women member Charla Hester.  The opposition party can just keep being jealous, because Democrats know how to have fun while still sharing a serious message.  One more local Democrat asked specifically to be quoted::

“I keep getting all these calls from Republican campaigns and I keep telling them you are wasting your breath.  My Daddy ALWAYS voted Democrat.  I have always voted Democratic Party.  AND I will always vote Democrat!”

The local Democratic Party area clubs considered this a trial run for organizing a presence next week in Marble Falls Johnson Park at 2:30 PM on Saturday when the entire South side of the park will be filled with Democratic Party activities.